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Our current Corporate Plan 2018-2023

Our Current Corporate Plan 2018-2023

A Corporate Plan details how we will achieve and deliver key strategic and organisational aims over five years. It is an ambitious programme that is reliant on the principles of collaboration, constructive dialogue with all our partners, celebrating diversity, and achieving consensus around common goals. By working together, focusing on our priorities, and measuring our impact, we can ensure that the City of London Corporation continues to offer world-class services for all while striving for excellence in everything we do.  

As we come to develop our next Corporate Plan (2024-2029), we want to understand your views on our current Corporate Plan (2018-2023). This plan is based on three aims and twelve outcomes. The three aims of the current Corporate Plan are:

  1. Contribute to a flourishing society
  2. Support a thriving economy
  3. Shape outstanding environments

You can read our current Corporate Plan here

Corporate Plan - City of London 2018-2023.pdf
Corporate Plan - City of London 2018-2023.pdf

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